Past events

"Grief in Creation"

19 July 2019, Estonia, Summer seminar "Transpersonal Creativity"

Emotional pain is something that we are designed to escape from. Something that we are very creative in hiding, ignoring and suppressing. And there are people who choose to live in grief - it has become the only stable and reliable thing in their lives that they choose grief on daily bases, whether consciously or unconsciously. In a workshop "Grief in creation" we experience and discover grief in ourselves and maybe also outside of selves in a creative way, attracting our inner grief to reveal itself and express what kind of role it plays in our lives. During the workshop we are looking for ways to connect with grief through the subconscious mind, connecting with it instead of escaping from it in an artistic way. Workshop "Grief in Creation", July 19, 2019. Summer seminar "Transpersonal Creativity" in Estonia.