Please forgive me

29. juuli 2017

Please forgive me the wounds I have pushed into you
Please forgive me for listening others more than you

Please forgive me for carrying others´ beliefs in me instead of yours

Please forgive me that I have allowed these to be part of my path
Part of my decisions and also my escapes

Please forgive me
for being somebody else
for the need to please somebody else
for the urge to belong to somebody else

I`m learning to be here now
for you
with you
to be my whole self
with all the beauty
the joy and the sadness
there is no more ugly
only acceptance and connectedness

I´m learning to be present in myself every moment of my life

I´m learning to let go of my fears of
not being enough
doing things the wrong way
hurting others when I didn´t mean to
Ending with the hurt and fear and knowing that I am not enough the way I am

I am now with you

I am me.

I am whole.


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